Art Course

Art Course at The Henderson

Our art course runs in two parts over 14 weeks, with a complimentary introduction session.

Art course introduction session:

In this session you’ll meet Wayne Weaver and Robert Henderson and they will discuss what’s involved with the course.

Art Course

Drawing, design and art appreciation (part 1)
6 weeks.

portrait produced by a classmate.

This will get you started in painting and drawing. Over four weeks you will learn to draw from observation and learn to use drawing torecord ideas and compositions for your future painting.

Through a section in art appreciation, we will open the door to understanding the past Masters and present Artists. Robert and Wayne will chat about your perceptions, and understanding of various techniques that will assist you with your painting style.

[pictured right: portrait by a classmate]

Mediums and more (part 2)
8 weeks.

You will explore different mediums including watercolour, acrylics, oils and pastels.

Students who complete these courses will have their work exhibited.

Costs and enrol

Maximum: 15 students.

All materials provided.

Cost: Part 1 and 2  (14 weeks): $1,000 plus GST. (Or payment plan for $1,195 plus GST)
Part 1 only (6 weeks): $430 plus GST (or payment plan of $620 plus GST) (6 session)

Deposit of $100 secures your place.

Book now: / 3844 2610