Sunday Habitation – new live music happenings in Brisbane

Sundays have got a new live music spot in South Brisbane.

With local music identity Sabrina Lawrie on board at The Henderson as Music Curator, the Sunday Habitation has been born!

And it’s perfectly suited to the creative hub of our gallery and cafe.

There will be delicious food and coffee for sale at our Birrang cafe. An excellent way to finish off your week.

It also allows the artists to experiment with new material and try new things in a creative and relaxed setting.

Sarah Haigh

See you Sunday arvo!

Prisoner art has far reaching benefits

Prisoner Art

The Henderson’s Wayne Weaver says that encouraging prisoners to take art classes has benefits not only for the prisoner, but their family and the wider community.

“Prisoners don’t get opportunities to show their work in a professional manner, so recognition can be difficult,” Wayne says.

When prisoners are released, he explained, if they have been occupied with art, they are able to continue on, possibly making a living from their art or even teach.

“This can also have a great benefit to families who can be under a lot of stress,” he says.

“While they are in jail they can paint for 8-10 hours easily and it can make them forget about everything.”

“You can also see certain feelings and how they are doing through their paintings.”

“You can see in their colours and brush strokes a 180 degree turn around, from being violent or troubled, to them coming to terms with things.”

Wayne says that the community needs to understand the pressures prisoners have faced, will continue to face and see what an important and inexpensive role art can play.

“The big question is what do you want to see come out of the jails. Do you want someone angry and lost or do you want your community to benefit?”

Prisoner Art Exhibition
Opened on Saturday 28th January

This show also featured exhibitions running parallel and complementary to the prisoner art:

  • Colleen Sam (Ngungurnnumma)
  • Keith Weribone
  • Robert Henderson – desert-inspired digital pieces

Local music identity joins as Music Curator

Local music identity Sabrina Lawrie joins The Henderson Gallery as Music Curator in what is an exciting union of art and music, long time companions throughout the ages.

Sabrina Lawrie“It is a thrilling opportunity to curate live music into the gallery space, with an exclusive regular event to be unveiled in the coming weeks as well as weekly Sunday afternoon programming of live resident artists to perform in the Birrang cafe,” says Lawrie.

“Bringing musicians and artists together in a safe and open environment at a grass roots level to interact and share ideas and inspirations has always been something very close to my heart as a musician and artist myself.

“Ever since being invited to perform by The Henderson team at the opening of the Boggo Road exhibition over a year ago, the seed to bring art and music together on a more permanent basis has been growing and is now fully formed.”

Creating an opportunity for artists to engage and for magic to emerge in the creative hub, that The Henderson Gallery is swiftly becoming, is a unique experience for all involved.

Desert-inspired art exhibit

Desert Inspired Art

In 2013, Robert Henderson travelled into central desert lands of South West Northern Territory and South East Western Australia on a series of engagements with the local First Nations Peoples of the lands.

Robert says the trip was something he was entirely unprepared for in regard to the energies and magnitude of the lands.

“In fact, I suffered quite intense withdrawals on returning from my first time out on the lands. Returning to a world full of straight vertical lines and right angles was alarmingly difficult,” he says.

There are well defined protocols around taking photos, requiring permission. Robert noticed the incredible amount of photographic equipment being carted around by snap happy visitors, which became the spark for him to begin taking pictures, where appropriate, using just his phone camera.

“I do not refer to myself as a photographer out of respect to actual photographers like Barbara McGrady, Lisa Hogben et al,” however, Robert says, “the digital images I’ve produced offer similar lens to that of my paintings.”

“My time out in the middle altered me, and it’s fair to say that is reflected in the colours and composition in my works subsequent to those trips.”

A small number of the digital pictures are on display

Pictured right: Sunset, looking west just outside of Alice Springs, just before the flies disappear. By Robert Henderson.

New artists signing at The Henderson

Keith and Colleen with their daughtersThe Henderson Gallery is really excited to announce the signing of two wonderful artists. Introducing husband and wife team: Colleen Sam (Ngungurnnumma) and Keith Weribone.

Colleen is a Kalkadoon, Warumungu, Wakaya Artist who was born in Mount Isa, QLD and raised in Brisbane where she still resides today.

Keith is a Mandandanji man from the St George and Roma area of Western QLD. Colleen and Keith saw us on NITV and then came to meet us.

They are genuinely lovely people as well as being extremely talented. Together they produce stunning combinations of art in very different media.


A big year for Henderson Art

Robert Henderson
We are proud of what we have achieved in 2016. Thanks so much for your support. Some highlights from the year include:



  • Opened our new gallery (The Henderson) and cafe (Birrang Coffee) at 92 Ernest St South Brisbane. It was officially opened by Deputy Premier Jackie Trad in July. We found our new home after a year of searching. We set it up and opened it in 3.5 weeks from signing the lease!
  • Robert Henderson’s Archibald preview with Celeste Liddle as subject.
  • Completed 10-month season of what was going to just be a 1-month exhibition at Boggo Road.
  • Hosted Sisters Inside charity auction. Sold 48 of a 51 pieces.
  • Hosted fund-raising movie evening for the family of Elijah Doughty who was killed in Kalgoorlie.
  • Hosted Christmas parties for legal firms in the gallery.
  • Received visits to The Henderson from a range of lovely and interesting guests, including: Archie Roach, Keith Hamburger, Kate Jones, Larissa Behrendt, Mark D McMillan, Rosemary McBride, Debbie Kilroy, Lex Wotton, Russell Smith, Dr Anita Heiss, Akala and more.
  • Were consulted by Juvenile Justice, Corrective Services, Parole Review Committee, Joined QTIC and attended Destination Q Forum in Mackay.
  • Robert Henderson started a new Archibald entry and also accepted invitation to be subject for an Archibald entry.
  • Started popular art classes and workshops at The Henderson – both social and serious.
  • Exhibited a range of brilliant artists – both established and emerging – First Nations and non-First Nations.
  • Received our food license and launched a fabulous new menu.
  • Secured a bunch of amazing exhibitions for 2017.



Editorial – Di Watson

I love the thrill of the unknown – what will that strange whirlwind of time and chance bring me this month to fill the pages of Brisbane Circle? Who will I meet and what will they tell me?

Then Suzanne Goodchild rang the office to place an ad in Brisbane Circle for The Henderson Gallery, in Earnest Street South Brisbane. The text she sent said the owners of the new gallery were – a practising artist and Wiradjuri, Robert Henderson – corporate renegade Suzanne Goodchild – and lifer and practicing artist – Wayne Weaver.

Wow, Dear Reader, I had to know more. We needed extra photos for the ad so, with my trusty camera, I popped over the take a look. The Henderson Gallery was much more than just an art gallery. It was a whole building with many rooms designed for many activities. There was a snazzy coffee shop with great coffee and an ambiance of community.

I met Suzanne Goodchild, an agent of change and dynamic business woman, who had put her motivational speaker and corporate strategist business on the back-burner whilst she established the Gallery.

Wayne Weaver was absent but I later learnt he was sent to prison in 1984 and spent his time developing his own art as well as encouraging the artistic talent of his fellow inmates by using art as therapy.

Armed with a BA in Fine Arts he has been teaching art since the early days of his lengthy incarceration.

Following his parole in January 2000, he worked with troubled young people in a counselling and mentoring role.

Wayne’s work is unique. A curator from the Louvre in Paris tried to paint him as a surrealist painter … a tag he has resisted ever since. Wayne’s current work is curated at The Henderson Gallery where he teaches and develops young, emerging and First Nations artists.
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Bris Circle

Recently, anyone who’s innocuously inquired ‘what’ve you been up to’ lost a good chunk of time to my episodic, meandering, tangential, forgot what the question was in the first place replies.

Poor things. Perhaps a good thing then that I’ve agreed to throw a column together here on a monthly basis. We’ve (Suzanne, Wayne and I) been peddle to the metal since signing the lease on what is now The Henderson. We opened 3.5 weeks after we signed up, which was a bit hectic. I was vacuuming up the electrical offcuts from installing the final lighting in the main gallery space at 4pm for a 6:30pm start on our opening night.

Since then we’ve happily been running at 11/10ths to attend to the experience of our place for our customers, and fine tuning the set up of our services, and scheduling servicing of our ever growing client base.

We’re running ongoing art classes on site, brewing coffee that continues to draw 5star feedback (quite a few from visiting Melbournians). I’ve been working with First Nations prisoners who are artists (Amazing artists) for an upcoming major exhibition, working with schools on art appreciation, culture and skill development, running short programs for young ones in youth detention, (again with a view to producing work for exhibitions), hanging and curating our first external artist exhibition for emerging artist Cameron Seymour, signing artists, creating exhibition programs, applying for food licenses so we can do breakfasts to go with our coffee, hosting charity art auctions, and fund raisers, the list goes on. That’s not counting all of what Suzanne, Wayne and Jade have been doing aside from their parts in all the above.
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