The Henderson Education

As practising artists we have a strong sense of responsibility to pass on what we have gleaned to our cohort.

This can be informally in conversation around the gallery or café, certainly at the exhibitions we host. Wayne Weaver and Robert Henderson see it as a key part of their practise to be available to those conversations.

We also have a small though comprehensive library with rare publications on all aspects of the arts. It is a pleasure to see the books being read and discussed over coffee in our café.

We are also passionately invested in developing talent as and where we find it. Wayne’s experience is second to none and as an aside is qualified to teach fine art at degree level. Robert brings his own insights and understandings to conversations and classes. Both Wayne and Robert ensure that they do not inflict their styles etc. onto others, rather, they work to bring out what is present uniquely in each artist they work with.

Sometimes that can just be a quiet chat of understanding the complexities of emotion, doubt and challenge simply producing work contains.

We run social Art classes where one of our artists entertains and educates our guests to reproduce a piece of art over 2 hours of byo wine, animated conversation and excellent sound tracks These evenings are very popular and are a great way to test the waters of artistic activity in an enjoyable, supported environment.

Also enquire about
• Art Appreciation presentations in the gallery
• Art classes (14 weeks)
• Speaking engagements