Current Show

Robert henderson Runway Exhibition

From Canvas to Catwalk!

This exhibition Brings some of Robert Henderson’s Paintings to life on the runway in the form of garments. Making their first appearance at Brisbane’s fashion month runway show, these fantastic garments designed by  Billy blue students are now on show alongside the original artworks inside our gallery space until the 4th of December. Come in grab a coffee and some breakfast and check out these fantastic works while they are on display.


Men’s Exhibiton

The female Exhibition showed us one side of art – the gentler side
Now we have the opportunity to see the other side – the male side.
With its hopes, its fears and its fantasies.
So, come stay a while and get lost – if just for a short while, in the other side of life – the male side.
Featuring the following artists:
Cameron Seymour
Clinton Steele
Rawdon Slater
Gabe Wischki
Jhana Bowen
Various Prisoner Artists

The Exhibition will be showing from Friday the 3rd of November through until Monday the 13th of November.

Women’s Exhibition

The long-awaited The Henderson 2017 Women’s Exhibition is here.
Featuring over 80 works from 10 Amazing Artists:

Jessie Bartlett (Alice Springs)
Tatiana Sugarplum Sparkle (Sydney)
Stevie O’Chin (Brisbane)
Lily Sucic (Brisbane)
Lee George (Yubenan, Magnetic Island)
Cath Grant (Bribie Island / Sydney)
Anne-Maree Newbery (UAE)
Susan Cook (Gold Coast)
Wenz McNeil (Gold Coast)
Chloe Parker (Brisbane)
This is the most ambitious exhibition at The Henderson to date. The sheer number of works, let alone the quality reflecting the talent of the artists holds promise of a truly outstanding experience for audiences.
We are delighted to host the exhibition these 10 incredible artists.
Female artists are ludicrously underrepresented in ‘The Arts’, and this exhibition, celebrating the work of these wonderful artists, is our small contribution in addressing this issue.

Rawdon Slater, Fashion, Fantasy, Glamour! 




Fashion, fantasy and glamour. Three words to represent the exhibition at The Henderson Gallery by Rawdon Slater. Many of the pieces in Rawdon’s collection reflect his love of old movies and fantasy which has compelled him to paint a variety of characters and actors from these places that inspire him such as portraits of Yvonne De carlo and Audrey Hepburn aswell as characters from Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. Rawdon sees and admires character, not necessarily beauty.

Come join us for a coffee, meet the artist and share in Rawdon’s fine art accompanied by a collection of one-off garments by Carmen Allen.

Rawdon’s exhibition at The Henderson Gallery is running for one month from the 15th of July up until the 14th of August and open with free entry to the gallery daily from 6:30am-3pm


Steve Kilbey

Visual and Performing Arts Master Steve Kilbey is staging his first ever Australian exhibition at The Henderson Gallery.

Steve is songwriter and bassist for iconic Australian band The Church and is a double inductee into the ARIA Hall of Fame. He took up painting 18 years ago.

Titled ‘Eclectica’ Steve’s collection of 18 pieces has been a popular drawcard  at the Gallery with red spots appearing from the opening night. Steve is revealing some of his new and earlier works in this outstanding solo exhibition.

While best known as a musician, Steve is also an accomplished visual artist and poet.

One of his early exhibitions featured 20 original works of art paired with original music and the spoken word. A collection of his paintings has also been released as a tarot deck.

Steve lives in Coogee NSW and loves hanging out with his kids.

Steve’s solo exhibition runs until the end of June.

 Steve Kilbey exhibition catalogue click here.

Robert Henderson and Wayne Weaver | New Works
9 March till 15 May.
Robert’s pieces are underpinned by a resolve to not do anything he’s done before! Wayne, celebrated internationally, has been away from painting and exhibiting for 20 years. This is his return!
Either Robert or Wayne are usually at the gallery and will be more than happy to show you around. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet the artists and learn more about this collection.

Prisoner Art
27 January till 3 March (some works still on display)
The exhibition represents works from a diverse range of artists from 1975 Boggo Road Gaol right up to current day SQCC.
Being exhibited parallel to the prisoner art show:

  • Colleen Sam (Ngungurnnumma)
  • Keith Weribone
  • Desert-inspired digital pieces by Robert Henderson

Upcoming Shows

Rawdon Slater
Opening 13th July.
Kids for Art competition
3rd-12th July.

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Premise of The Henderson

gawaymbanha (Wiradjuri; ‘Tell to come, welcome’),

The Henderson, 92 Ernest Street, South Brisbane, opened for business on Sunday morning, 17th July 2016.

The Henderson is an artists for artists, 100% Wiradjuri, First Nations owned and we are self funded, operating within an empathic, self-determinate model of enterprise. As such we rely on sales of product and fee for service to fund our venture.

Our point of difference emanates from the basis that we are 2 x commercially successful, practising artists with a CEO whose experience is at the highest level of negotiation, EQ, and strategic operations in local, national and international enterprise.

We offer our attitude, example, standards, mindset, strategies, values, and vision to our contemporaries, members, supporters and greater community.

Our predominant focus is to support, promote, manage, exhibit, develop, advocate on behalf of, educate and mentor artists and audiences who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

We are specifically focused on working with First Nations artists, artists who are, or who were prisoners, first time exhibitors, and a diverse cohort of First Nations and non First Nations artists outside of these demographics, at local, state and international levels, whose work we love, and for whom we want success.

It is our intention that The Henderson is ‘birrang’ (Wiradjuri; Journey to another place), for our visitors, members, staff, artists and families, that it is a place where you feel you belong and that belongs to you.

Robert Henderson, Principal practising artist
Suzanne Goodchild, CEO
Wayne Weaver, Principal practising artist