Rawdon Slater Art

Rawdon Slater

Rawdon grew up in the UK and his parents considered him to be an academic, which was reflected in his school results.

At high school, he dropped out; his artistic side kicked in and won out over academia. Following his creative artistic flare, he had the opportunity to develop these skills at a hair dressing salon in Knightsbridge London, which was owned by two brothers who trained with Vidal Sassoon.

With the support of his contacts, he quickly transitioned into high fashion and cat walk work. He worked for a company called Wig creations and The National Theatre, ultimately becoming Wig Master for shows in Westend for 20 years.

Rawdon was in high demand and worked from show to show. A new chapter of his life began when his then long-term partner passed away. Three years later he decided to move to Australia, which was the life changing decision he needed.

On his first trip to Australia, Rawdon intuitively knew that Brisbane was his new home, loving the weather and amazing colours and he thought this was darn sight better than North London.

Work however was extremely challenging due to his niche skills. He worked for Queensland Opera and dropped in and out of bridal hair makeup and various hairdressing roles which he’d decided was not in his long-term future.

Rawdon is currently a full-time artist, having studied with well-known artist Bill MacKay in one-on-one tutorials, which was a steep learning curve. Rawdon is grateful for and thanks Bill for hanging in with him. Living now with his long-time partner and three very badly behaved puppy dogs, he paints most days.

Rawdon’s eclectic style of painting, is just like him – a quirky, unique, interesting, gay man who loves life, theatre, and the arts. he has a passion for colours, romantic pastiche and a taste for ‘trash with fairy lights’.

His love of sci-fi made him a fan of Carrie Fisher. He loved her brutally, honest and open book ‘Wishful Drinking’, and when she passed recently he was devastated. In this exhibition, Rawdon has painted a tribute to Carrie in that infamous metal bikini.