Australia was falsely declared terra nullus after Cook’s ‘discovery’, however what happened was that when they began ‘settling’ Australia, they discovered that there wasn’t just one nation, but thousands of nations of First Nations Peoples who had been living continuously in this Country for what is believed to be in excess of 40,000 years.

Some indications suggest the continuous Culture of more than 100,000 years given the recent discoveries in Western Australia of the rock paintings of the Great Flood‘ that indicated the world change.

Terra Nullius means ‘there are no human inhabitants of a country’ and it’s easy to see apart from settlement and land ownership why they would want to destroy the human habitation and human inhabitants of Australia to conform to the description of Terra Nullius.

What this painting depicts is the end result of the ideology of the false Terra Nullius. Fortunately you can’t wipe out one nation when thousands exist and we still exist today.

First Nations Peoples of Australia were only recognised as ‘human’ and given the right to vote in the 1960’s in a national referendum. Up until then Aboriginal People came under the ‘Flora and Fauna Act’ ie were deemed animals. The false notion of Terra Nullus was vacated only a few years ago by the British government.

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