Wyndradine led a party of Warriors to the property of the settler family said to be responsible for the death of his family. He was looking for payback under traditional lore.

When they arrived at the slab hut it was night time. The sole inhabitant of the hut on that night was a 19 year old boy, the youngest son of the family.

The Warriors set to the boy and began to inflict damage when Wyndradine spoke and stopped the Warriors from completing the task. Wyndradine knew this boy was not the person who had killed his family and according to lore was not to be harmed.

The humanity of the traditional lore of Wiradjuri Culture and the honour of the grewat Warrior and freedom fighter Wyndadine in the face of the relentless brutality of colonisation is the focus of this piece.

To this day Wyndradine is one of the very few Warriors formally recognised by the military of the colonial army. Wyndradine was buried on this property some years later as a relatively young man. He was buried in traditional manner in a sitting position facing east so as to greet the morning sun each day.

The descendants of that 16yo boy, who became Wyndradine’s friend in life, still occupy that land and were instrumental in assuring that Wyndradine’s resting place can never be disturbed.

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