While in jail, I found a pad of 100gsm watercolour paper, and I was dying to try it out, so this was the first piece that I did. So I kept this piece for a long time.

During a Bachelor of Arts degree (which I completed while in jail), you have to be proficient in all your medium forms.  I used this piece for the assessment in my BA.  I needed to be proficient in watercolour, which is totally different than all the other mediums.

Watercolour works not in reverse, but quite the opposite to acrylics and oil.  With watercolour, you put the lightest colour first, then your darker shades.  Whereas with oil and acrylic, you put down your dark colour first and your light colours on top.

So it was about that proficiency, not only with the colours, but also with the brush, because the brushes are totally different as well.