Over the centuries, the world has moved and changed shape.  Ice ages have come and gone, left bridges and left marks, but they still remain.

What is happening today, we have a higher population in the world and we are really killing the world off, putting stuff into the atmosphere, we have more floods, hurricanes and tornedos. If all these things are happening and the earth, it will change its shape.

Lots of places will disappear – San Francisco – imagine all those people on that coastline just disappearing into the water.

Don’t forget Australia! The central part of Australia was originally an ocean.  What happens when that fills up? Do we divide Australia in half – there is no other way to be able to build bridges big enough or fast enough.

So the whole world would change shape and if these polar ice caps melt – there is more water and it has to go somewhere, so the coastlines will change and all countries will suffer.

It’s interesting that the indigenous culture recorded the last flood.  They recorded it on the rocks in Western Australia.

At that stage there was a problem with the tribes who lived on the coast – they had to move inland. Initially, there were arguments as to why they had to move onto someone else’s land, but it settled down.

The coastline changed and disappeared – it will happen again.