So in the early days in Boggo Road, we didn’t have any education programs.  When the education officer started he saw what I had been doing for other prisoners – that was putting drawings and paintings on their letters.

You could write a letter home or have a visit. A lot of guys didn’t want their families going through the visitors program so they used to write a letter.

Now after a while, you can only say ‘I Love You’ so many times and the letter shrinks, so they would like a rose for the wife or a cartoon character for the kids, which I would draw and colour in – onto the paper for them.

And then the education officer asked if I would you like to do an Arts program – so I said – “Oh yeah, I’d love to”.  So it started off with little stuff and this is one of the paintings that started it all.

It’s just a light water colour – more experiment than anything else, on the only bit of paper that could absorb water that I could find in the jail. It was like a board paper, so that was the experiment, tried it, even the pens that we used on it had to be bleed proof.

It took a bit of conning to get the pens that I needed.

So that was the experiment.