Desert-inspired art exhibit

Desert Inspired Art

In 2013, Robert Henderson travelled into central desert lands of South West Northern Territory and South East Western Australia on a series of engagements with the local First Nations Peoples of the lands.

Robert says the trip was something he was entirely unprepared for in regard to the energies and magnitude of the lands.

“In fact, I suffered quite intense withdrawals on returning from my first time out on the lands. Returning to a world full of straight vertical lines and right angles was alarmingly difficult,” he says.

There are well defined protocols around taking photos, requiring permission. Robert noticed the incredible amount of photographic equipment being carted around by snap happy visitors, which became the spark for him to begin taking pictures, where appropriate, using just his phone camera.

“I do not refer to myself as a photographer out of respect to actual photographers like Barbara McGrady, Lisa Hogben et al,” however, Robert says, “the digital images I’ve produced offer similar lens to that of my paintings.”

“My time out in the middle altered me, and it’s fair to say that is reflected in the colours and composition in my works subsequent to those trips.”

A small number of the digital pictures are on display

Pictured right: Sunset, looking west just outside of Alice Springs, just before the flies disappear. By Robert Henderson.