Local music identity joins as Music Curator

Local music identity Sabrina Lawrie joins The Henderson Gallery as Music Curator in what is an exciting union of art and music, long time companions throughout the ages.

Sabrina Lawrie“It is a thrilling opportunity to curate live music into the gallery space, with an exclusive regular event to be unveiled in the coming weeks as well as weekly Sunday afternoon programming of live resident artists to perform in the Birrang cafe,” says Lawrie.

“Bringing musicians and artists together in a safe and open environment at a grass roots level to interact and share ideas and inspirations has always been something very close to my heart as a musician and artist myself.

“Ever since being invited to perform by The Henderson team at the opening of the Boggo Road exhibition over a year ago, the seed to bring art and music together on a more permanent basis has been growing and is now fully formed.”

Creating an opportunity for artists to engage and for magic to emerge in the creative hub, that The Henderson Gallery is swiftly becoming, is a unique experience for all involved.