The Henderson


We Are now Open at our new CBD location at number 300 Adelaide street in the basement level!

Our Kitchen is open from 7am-2pm with coffee and snacks running until 3pm

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Our food cabinet displays a selection of premium, gourmet quality cakes and savoury items made by qualified chefs using the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers.
Our cake and cookie range bursts at the seams with decadent options including some fantastic selections for our gluten free and vegan friends.

Our savoury pastries and quiches are hand rolled and baked to crispy perfection.


Coffee History

The Roasters

At Birrang we use Cleanskin Coffee. Cleanskin are a local specialist coffee roaster that supply high quality beans and use the best equipment. Cleanskin only buy coffee that is ethically and sustainably grown and traded.
A collection of 32 medals over the past 5 years in the Golden Bean Awards, as well as 2nd place in the inaugural AASCA roasters guild competition, and three silver and two bronze medals at the Melbourne International Coffee Awards see Cleanskin as an accomplished roaster dedicated to their craft.

Old School Blend

This is a blend for coffee enthusiasts. It satisfies the latte crowd and the espresso crowd with its medium body and delightful fruitness. The blend is created to capture what we love about high end single origins roasted lightly but delivered in a way that everybody can enjoy.

Tasting Notes

A beautifully floral and fruity aromatic coffee. Crème caramel body with mild tart fruity acidity and lingering sweet aftertaste

About Birrang Dining

The concept for Birrang Coffee and The Henderson began with two practising artists (Robert Henderson and Wayne Weaver) and a professional business woman (Suzanne Goodchild – Director). The three believed in creating space where anyone would feel welcomed and at home, a place where people could relax and enjoy great coffee, food and atmosphere, while appreciating quality art. The Henderson is a space that focuses on exhibiting art from First Nations people, prisoners and first time artists. The gallery is a hub for show casing artists and hosting events.  The café Birrang (Wiraduri word meaning -a journey to another place) is the glue that keeps all the elements of the business nourished and caffeinated.